Amtrak Car Transport Vehicle Requirements

Amtrak Car Transport Vehicle Requirements

It’s one of the easiest ways to get both car and driver from Point A to Point B without actually having to do the driving yourself, but few people know the ins and outs of the Amtrak car transport service. The fact is this mode of transportation takes a lot of stress off people who are moving along the Eastern Seaboard and even those who just want to vacation there.

Let’s talk a little about the service and then we’ll get more in-depth about Amtrak car transport vehicle requirements.

The Amtrak car transport train runs between Lorton, Virginia, which is near Washington, D.C., and Sandford, Florida, which is in the center of the Sunshine State. The trip takes just under 17 hours and provides a whole lot of perks along the way. Passengers using Amtrak car transport service can kick back and relax while the train does the traveling for them. As they do, they can take advantage of several different sleeping car options and some great food and entertainment along the way.

While passengers will still have to get their cars to and from the stations, the perks of this service are more than notable. The truth is the service cuts time and hassle off the trip down the Eastern Seaboard and saves cars the wear and tear of travel. When lodging, food, gas and wear and tear are all taken into account, along with headaches of driving, the service might be one of the more economical ways for both car and driver to travel, too.

While Amtrak car transport is a great option for anyone moving or vacationing along the East Coast to consider, there are some specific vehicle requirements. Not all motorized vehicles are allowed onboard. The following requirements apply:


Most standard automobiles are welcomed passengers on the Amtrak car transport route. Vehicles, however, must not exceed a 65-inch height requirement and they have to have a minimum of 4 inches in ground clearance. Luggage racks are acceptable, as long as they are empty and they do not make the vehicle exceed the 65-inch requirement in height.

SUVs, vans

These, too, are welcomed aboard the train, but they must also meet specific size requirements. In the case of vans and SUVs, the requirements on height are set between 66 and 88 inches. Luggage racks that are empty are again okay, but they must not bring the total height to more than the 88-inch measurement. Also, specific reservations must be made for these larger vehicles.


While it might seem motorcycles would be an easy fit, the Amtrak car transport service does have some pretty specific requirements for these, as well. Only standard factory, two-wheel bikes are allowed on the train. These motorcycles have to have a ground clearance of at least 5 inches between the frame’s lowest point and the bottom of the tires, too, The total height allotment for motorcycles is 57.5 inches, windshield and all. No sidecars are allowed.

Amtrak car transport services can be a great way to take the hassle and worry of making a long distance trek away. The train is used by many for just this reason, but it’s important to make sure vehicles fit the requirements stated before booking.

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