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Auto Transport Guide For A Smoother Transition

Auto Transport Guide For A Smoother Transition

In the past, especially during the Great Depression, when people across the United States country were faced with no jobs or money they loaded up all of their beloveds and headed out West. People would pack up all of their precious household goods, put it into their vehicle and be on their way. This was an era where people moved everything themselves as they directed off their new direction. Today, this moving solution seldom works. People have much larger homes, busier schedules and are not able to move all of their belongings themselves. This is why moving companies have become so convenient. Moving companies make moving more comfortable and stress free for people as they prepare to live in their new home.

Some families, though, realize that when they go to move their number of vehicles exceed the number of household drivers. There is a simple and easy solution to this perplexing dilemma. Auto transport companies will relocate your vehicle for a fee. These companies are equipped with state of the art carriers capable of shipping several vehicles at once, safely and quickly.

When you first contact an auto transport company you will need to have the following information at hand: what city you will be traveling from and where is your final destination, how many vehicles do you wish to transport, what dates do you have in mind for the departure and pick up of your vehicle, what is the make and model of the vehicle being transported, do you require door to door service, has your vehicle been changed in any way. If your vehicle has been changed in any way, such as a lift kit, you may have to pay an oversize fee.

It is wise to book your request in advance. Auto transport companies appreciate it if you book your request two weeks prior to your departure date. Most companies offer an immediate pick up option but you will pay extra for this service. It is important to remember that delivery and pick up dates are not guaranteed. If you would like the dates to be guaranteed you will be asked to pay an extra fee. The easiest and most valuable strategy is to be organized. This will create less hassle for you and the auto transport company.

The grace period between the pick up and delivery of your vehicle can vary depending on whether or not you picked a guaranteed delivery date. Also, the weather can cause changes in pick up and delivery dates. Usually depending on where a person lives and where they are moving to the window of time is 3 days.

When you are choosing an auto transport company there are a few things to look for. Make sure that the company is licensed and bonded. Ask for and check the company’s Department of Transportation license number. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau to find out how the company rates. You can see how the company deals with customers and any disputes they may have had. In doing this, you are ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable auto transport company. This will save you one less worry and headache during your moving process.

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